What is the Monetary Value of Bitcoin?

As with a lot of currencies, it can be quite difficult to fathom exactly what the amount of Bitcoins you have is worth in the “real world” yourself – what does one Bitcoin equate to in different currencies? Well, as of February 2017, here are some of the exchange rates between one Bitcoin and various currencies from around the world.

If you were to look at the current exchange rate between a Bitcoin and the Great British Pound, you would find that 1 Bitcoin is equal to £818.38 at the moment. Whereas it is worth €970.05 Euros so you would find yourself slightly better off with an exchange to the pound.

Over in America, one Bitcoin is currently $1,032.77, which is not a bad rate at all, and in Canadian Dollars, you are looking at $1351.64 which doesn’t work out as much difference between the two, so you are likely to be just as well off on either side of the border.

Japan have really embraced the world of Bitcoin, and their current exchange rate is 117,210.74JPY to one Bitcoin. Of course, this is likely to change dramatically as usage in the country increases.

If you are curious to know how much one Bitcoin would be worth if changed to Australian Dollars, you are looking at about 1349.79 AUD, whereas the Hong Kong dollar is 8057.34 HKD to one Bitcoin.

The rate for Turkish Lira is 3809.23 TRY per one Bitcoin, or for one Bitcoin in Egyptian pounds, you would get an impressive sounding 16659.41 EGP. Although, of course, these are all relative and although the number sounds huge, it’s not necessarily worth as huge amount as you might think!

For example, one Bitcoin is worth 299305.53 Hungarian Forint, but the exchange rate between Hungarian forint and Great British pounds is £1 to 329.95 Hungarian Forint – suddenly it seems a slightly less ludicrous amount!

Over in China, it is 7121.90 Chinese Yuan to one Bitcoin, and 1468.45 Singapore dollars is equal to one Bitcoin.

These are just some of the monetary values for Bitcoin in various countries – suddenly just one Bitcoin doesn’t seem so bad, eh? Get mining and watch that total fly up!