Unique Places You Can Spend Your Bitcoin

So you’ve worked hard on your mining and have found yourself with a decent amount of Bitcoin in your virtual wallet, but instead of spending it on the usual, you’re looking for something a little more unique – never fear, we’ve got your back!


Perhaps with your new found cyber-wealth, you fancy a new look, and maybe clothes just aren’t going to cut it. Why not treat yourself to some cosmetic surgery from Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami which is the largest in Florida and just happens to take Bitcoin too!


Feet feeling a little chilly? Thankfully Grass Hill Alpacas accept Bitcoin for their toasty “survival socks” which are said to be far softer than wool. Or if you require some medical cannabis seeds, Geordie seeds have kept with the times and are offering Bitcoin as a form of payment – score!


A Subway store in Allentown, Penn., is accepting Bitcoin, as is Meze Grill in Manhattan and Folino’s Wood Fire Pizza in Vermont, so if you’re looking for a snack but only have Bitcoins on you, never fear, if you’re near any of those three places, you’re probably fine.


If you’re not close to these places, but you’d like to be, you could always book a trip with CheapAir.com who say that they are the first online travel agency to allow Bitcoins for online flight bookings. Probably best to book a flight to somewhere that you know has plenty of places for you to spend your hand earned Bitcoin, or at least Bitcoin ATMs in order to get cash out! There’s no point being rich online if you can’t spend your money, is there?!


Feeling lucky? Bored? Or just want to try and grow your Bitcoin stash even more? There are a huge number of online casinos that offer Bitcoin as payment and many that are looking into ways of letting their customers play slots, blackjack and roulette using bitcoin. All the fun and games of a casino, without ever having to leave your house, and you can use Bitcoin too – perfect! These casinos offer all sorts of games, from slots and table games, to live poker and sports betting, so whatever game tickles your fancy, you will be able to find it online and perhaps win big too!


If you’ve struck it lucky in mining, (or on the casinos!) you might want to be super flash. Why would you get a sports car or private jet (both things that you can pay for with Bitcoins might we add!), when Virgin is offering one of their Virgin Galactic flights to space, payable with Bitcoins, because, of course!