What is the Monetary Value of Bitcoin?

As with a lot of currencies, it can be quite difficult to fathom exactly what the amount of Bitcoins you have is worth in the “real world” yourself - what does one Bitcoin equate to in different currencies? Well, as of February 2017, here are some of the exchange rates between one Bitcoin and various currencies from around the world. If you were to look at the current exchange rate… Read Article →

Unique Places You Can Spend Your Bitcoin

So you’ve worked hard on your mining and have found yourself with a decent amount of Bitcoin in your virtual wallet, but instead of spending it on the usual, you’re looking for something a little more unique - never fear, we’ve got your back!   Perhaps with your new found cyber-wealth, you fancy a new look, and maybe clothes just aren’t going to cut it. Why not treat yourself to… Read Article →

Is Bitcoin a Scam or the Real Thing?

It’s understandable that some people, those who don’t know a lot about it mainly, would worry that Bitcoin is a scam. After all, there are plenty of those on the internet, and sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a scam from the real deal - especially when it is to do with money. There is also the fact that Bitcoin may seem a little too good to be true,… Read Article →

Why Japan is the World Leader in Bitcoin

When you think of the leaders is technology and innovation, chances are your mind goes straight to Japan, where they are not afraid to try new things and are constantly evolving and developing. So it should not come as any surprise to know that Japan is the world leader in Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has been growing in popularity over the past few years.   Japan have recently passed a… Read Article →

Exciting Ways You Can Make Bitcoin from Your Bedroom

Mining may be the first thought when it comes to how you can make Bitcoin from your bedroom, however, thankfully, there are a few other methods that are a little more interesting than just joining a mining pool.   For example, if you’re feeling lucky, there are a lot of online casinos that allow you to use Bitcoin as a form of currency. Whether you want to play the slots,… Read Article →

A Legendary Bitcoin Casino

As outlined by their webpage, Satoshi Dice operates on a vintage Nokia mobile phone which was deserted in the Tokyo metro. The system spontaneously started to run an artificial intelligence that feeds off of the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto, a cute chick which is also the creator of Bitcoin. To be serious though, this casino site is widely seen as a timeless in the Bitcoin community. It was actually originally… Read Article →

Why Do People Use Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are an increasingly popular way of paying for goods or services. When the form of currency was first introduced, it was mainly used on the internet and in virtual settings. Now as the unit becomes more accepted, some physical businesses will also accept the bitcoin in exchange for their goods and services. Some may want to know, why use bitcoins instead of cash, checks, or credit cards? The reason… Read Article →

How Much Do Bitcoins Cost?

Bitcoins are a form of currency that is used in the internet world today. Instead of sending personal banking information to other parties, users can purchase bitcoins from a secure site and then use this form to buy goods and services over the World Wide Web. In some cases, brick and mortar business also accept bitcoins for payment. As they become more widespread, it is expected that bitcoins will be… Read Article →

The Key to Making Online Casinos Alluring

The exciting world of casino online has made it easy for everyone to enjoy these exciting games without ever leaving their home. They are perfect for those who cannot travel, those who are in-between vacations and anyone who wants to give casino games a try without risking any money.